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Game Theory: The Undertale / Deltarune Connection FOUND!

Опубликовано: 25 дней назад
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Who made Undertale? I'm not talking about Toby Fox, I'm asking in the world (or worlds) of Undertale and Deltarune, who MADE it all? Gaster had many experiments and there are many clues that point to Deltarune being a result of his machinations. Equally, there is Kris. A sad kid with a big imagination that may just be big enough to create something as wondrous as Undertale. Which is right? Well, YOU have to make that choice.
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Three episodes two games one truth that unites them both we've waited long enough now it's finally time for this undertale delta rune trilogy darker yet darker the darkness keeps growing the shadows creak deeper this next episode promises to be very very interesting welcome to game theory we're last time.

We covered how Delta rune is an alternate universe of undertale where you have many of the same characters events and places only with everything slightly rearranged it's actually all reflected in the name Delta rune is an anagram of undertale the same pieces just reordered a bit which just makes me fear for the other other alternate universe you know the one named nude.

Alert check it nude alert is also an anagram of undertale just saying the third installment of toby fox's series is gonna get real awkward so as we covered last time there seems to be plenty of evidence in Delta rune to suggest that it is in some way connected to the world of undertale a path that splits off in the main timeline sometime before the monster.

Human war that served as our inciting incident for the first game but is that really enough I mean with all the dimension-hopping characters in undertale like sands and flowey if there were some other world connected to theirs don't you think they'd know about it make some sort of reference to it you would expect there to be a hint at Delta runes existence in undertale and.

Wouldn't you know it there is in a piece of text that'll be very familiar to you loyal theorists out there entry number 17 as a reminder since it's been a few years during the endgame of undertale you're tasked with exploring an area called the true lab where we start to learn the details of alphas determination experiments in the hopes of breaking through the barrier to the.

Underground she injected human souls into monsters things didn't go quite so well creating these horrific creatures that are only slightly less terrifying than watching late night hosts to fortnight dances this story is revealed to us via lab entries found across panels on the walls entries numbered 1 to 21 except one of these entry numbers is missing entries 17 in fact playing.

Through the game normally the lost 17th entry is nowhere to be found making it seem like it was just a simple miscount at the hands of toby fox but it's not hidden in the game data there are two 17th lab injuries the first just kind of tells us what we already know determination caused the monsters to melt together into the amalgamates old news thank you next it's the second.

One that manners an entry written in wingdings that makes it clear that this was left behind by the original royal scientist of the underground w de aster it's a passage that I and many other undertale fans have spent a lot of time poring over trying to decipher since it's pretty darn cryptic but now years later it makes a lot more sense in light of the plot of Delta rune or should I.

Say in dark of the plot of Delta rune dark darker yet conquer the darkness sheeps growing the shadows create deeper photon dragons negative this next experiment seems very very interesting what do you think whatever experiment gaster was running as he wrote that entry it involved growing darkness and light particles photons dipping into the negative concepts that don't directly.

Connect to anything in undertale story or the horrific events of the true lab but their connection to Delta rune is suddenly obvious the entire plot of the game involves Chris Susie and Rosie fighting to correct an imbalance between darkness and light that threatens to end the world it sure sounds like gaster might be talking about Delta rune here and before you start typing about how.

Undertale came out in 2015 and how there is no way it could be referencing a game that would demo three years later you don't have to take it from me take it from Toby Fox who on Twitter made it very clear that the story of Delta rune predated the creation of undertale quote third of all credit for the designs of Lancer Rutan clover half the Angele goes to at kano times in 2012.

I saw her designs for some playing card inspired characters on tumblr and decided I wanted to make a game featuring them it didn't end up going anywhere but the idea of I want to make an RPG stuck with me the idea of I want to make an RPG turned into undertale and the playing card idea i had transformed into delta rune as I was making undertale end quote and.

Shortly after chapter ones release he posted concept art of Chris Susie and Rosie dating all the way back to 2014 so it's likely that the core plot points of the game including the imbalance between light and darkness were already in Toby's mind way back then but that's not all Delta rune itself makes a direct reference to entry 17 if the player uses.

Their cellphone in the dark door world they hear this eerie music that song is muse underscore smile the same sound that plays an undertale when you find the hidden room that allows you to read entry 17 also in delta runes epilogue you can find a mysterious red door south of home town and when you stand near it.

This unsettling sound begins to play which when you speed it up sounds like this it's the same sound again it sure seems to me like Delta rune is intentionally trying to point players towards entry 17 with its music but now Blake's opening of Delta rune I present.

You with a choice and unlike Delta room here your choice does matter at this point I've prepared two different paths for this series take two entirely different universes if you will separate the parallel do you follow the path of gas stirred in a quest to unmask his identity or do you turn back and instead side with Chris our misunderstood protagonists links are on the screen and.

In the description and each will affect where the theory goes from here two entirely different directions two entirely different theories but whichever path you choose and even if you choose both I think you're gonna find something


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Personal question for MatPat: What's your favorite meme format?
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Both are good
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Deltarune/Undertale is the new FNAF for game theory
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The sequence is gonna be called Nutdealer that's all
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Dante Mada • 21 час назад
As soon as the episode went to the intro glitchy music, our grandfather clock, which is stuffed with blankets and such to silence the clock, started chiming. Gaster, we know you're out there.
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SupportPandaFemme • 1 день назад
Please do both! I am very, very interested in the theories you come up with.
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He already uploaded both of them about 5 minutes before this video was uploaded.
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Bek • 1 день назад
Matpat is there a reason that Undertale's title is all in caps but Deltarune is written in all lower case letters?
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Baker Doodles • 1 день назад
Can you make a theory on Lavender Town (Pokémon) if you haven't already? Maybe on the Ghost in the building? It's just that I found Lavender Town Let's Go Evee and I was curious.
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ChocoBlob • 1 день назад
I watched The simpson and in one of the Halloween’s special episode, the horror of tree house, tgere was one with Pazuzu and the alphabet block all turned to 666.
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Secret message at 0:44 is
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Not gonna lie that split intro effect is epic.
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FRM YT • 2 дня назад
I have a feeling that when Asriel comes back from college, he’ll be tall like when he was a boss in Undertale and he’ll be a jerk or something or Kris would be pissed off at him and Asriel would be sad
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This is....only the first chapter...
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If you think about is, Chara can travel through different dimensions and timelines, she keeps on reseting the world but keeps her memories, like wtf.
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