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I AM BREAD but I will never get to be toast

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I AM BREAD, becoming toast is a difficult task
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Hey there friends how's it going my name is Kevin and today I am bread I can finally live out my fantasy alright here we go lay there's a story about bread yes I'm interested okay kitchen is the first level that's self-explanatory that makes sense that's where you generally find bread I'm liking the realism so far here it's pretty good.

Wait what what the hell you have to okay I've fallen over and I can't get up Jesus Christ oh my god I've got the knife I'm actually just here from the kitchen honey the bread is armed how about I cut you for once a oh I freed the butter you have been liberated like it's timing me but I don't know where I'm supposed to go my edibility is a hundred percent okay I just dropped.

Dramatically oh it's cuz I got bones on me or something what oh yeah it was a fish not a huge fan of fish bone toast all being on the floor is bad apparently especially with these muddy footprints oh yes there we go hey fellow kids all right I think I'd be better off starting again if I'm honest I'm just beating my bread to debt at the moment oh I gotta.

Make myself toast okay that makes perfect sense why didn't I come to that conclusion by myself oh I see the toaster over there okay avoid the fish bones Beck there we go I've made myself a convenient ladder hey good thing I am something extremely sticky bread step Boggs oh come on that's not my fault that's the fucking slob who lives here I.

Like her I'm still so edible though Jenga oh shit okay I'm okay oh my god this is risky okay not can I not get up now Jesus Christ oh okay oh no oh no how am I even doing that run no not that way Jesus it's so confusing I hate being bread I hate it I hate it I hate it oh my god this bread has got serious balance oh I got it I got it I.

Hope some delicious toast will make up for the fact that I've destroyed their whole kitchen uh-huh catch on no no catch on oh I'm back to the start why is there blood in that pets bowl I hope you've pet insurance fact I hope you just have home insurance because I'm destroying your home just go straight over that heat oh wait I could toast there or if you go for the toaster I say.

We just go with this I don't want to risk any more all right so now we want to flip so we'll simply well simply no no simply no okay all right now slither onto the hobbit man be bread is stressful I have a newfound respect for all breads except for porridge bread I don't like that it's an abomination I am toast yay all right next day a new morning a new slice of bread it's time.

To make a massive improvement I guess you could say I'm turning over a new loaf Jesus to destroying their own house look the state of the place savages all right where do I cook myself I could do it on that heater or maybe in a VCR just slide in there the bulb might work a jam myself up oh Jesus oh well I'm already disgusting now all I did was jam myself.

Up and then fall in some boot prints ha oh my god how did that work you'd imagine they wouldn't like fluffy toast either but here I am on the couch do you think you just fling myself I reckon if I got a bit of momentum I could yeah oh my god that was awful okay maybe I should make my way to the shelf leave go with that broken plate no don't leave go of me.

Oh my god I landed dead on a footprint that's just instant death I'm not eating that that's fair enough at least his standards are pretty low like whoever's eating this toast honestly I think I could make a run for that heater no problem wait wait don't watch don't watch don't watch look away look away wait I think it made my toast just perfect I can just do anything no I.

Don't want that I want to challenge but kind of filthy this toast is getting a but it's sparkles so it's still nice huh oh my god I was sneezing I my eyes closed and I actually did a jump maybe I should just not look at the screen in future yeah you could share on Facebook edge and all your friends like I just on holiday to the Bahamas and then you're there like Oh employed guys my family.

Wouldn't even be surprised they'll just be like oh well at least he stopped posting about how he's killing his sims and he's the leader of a cult fucking madman oh I hope that thing's not priceless I just shunted it off oh my god it looks like it might not fall he just gave it a little poke going toast oh god these people really like toast don't they.

Toast connoisseurs amazing they'll still eat it with bugs all over it no like yes just like mama used to make come on books get out of here I have a job to do shit shit okay hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on oh my god it's like The Lion King not as dramatic okay now we gotta get across there by Christ being bread is so difficult yeah yeah yes you'll have delicious toast but the.

Price is all of your belongings toll Buster's Jesus sounds like a Ghostbusters ripoff staring Steven Seagal he's my favorite c-list acted I'm saying that sarcastically by the way before someone actually accuses me alike in the guy cuz he's a scumbag that bowling balls about to fall on their TV better run quick Jesus Christ oh I've broken their TV oh there goes.

Their treasured family photo of what looks like a rock oh god I'm losing my grip I'm losing my grip no no no no oh okay Oh whew I made it oh I'm so stressed I'm sure I could have feckin cooked myself in different ways but I'm determined to get to this heater Jesus so stressed huh the music is so cheery and I'm here stressed beyond belief alright that's.

Our time to rack up a heating bill I'm the best bread ever no no oh I made it the whole way around the freaking house I'm so burnt and that one spot oh my god just a perfect burn on that one spot I didn't realize it was gonna cook me like that I thought if I was just honored it would count ah hun toast oh I'm so disappointed I made it the whole way.

Around the room and then I fell Jesus that backdrop is like some therapy for this guy mr. Merton was again too stressed during this session he claimed his lounge had now been broken into he relayed his suspicions and believes he has discovered the culprit is leaving a message by placing a singular slice of toasted bread in the room he claims the kitchen had a similar incident but it.

Never stood out him at the time but it should respect him destroyed here's bread E and iron I could definitely toast myself with that oh my god is Walter moldy ooh who is this guy oh look at that front corner Jesus I'm getting good I reckon I could fling myself that ironing board not a bother watch get off the ground you fucker get off the ground oh I'm dead.

Well I'm bread but I'm dead bread screw your happiness it's gonna be really upset therapist is gonna make a fortune off the book based on this story you can even name the syndrome after himself even though I don't know if I'd want a condition that makes the person have bread conspiracies named after me Kevin syndrome which we see just obsessed with bread probably take it can.

You disappointed in myself that I'm actually getting somewhat decent at controlling a slice of bread a cowbell oh it's pretty good I'm actually giving the door now I think you'd have a proper mental breakdown at that stage I'm still getting like fairly fluffy I don't know how or people like fluffy things right like fluffy pets fluffy blankets fluffy bread okay I'm on a roll just keep going.

Keep going hold on little bread you can make it I've lost my grip but I think I'm good oh you think this lice can toast me might take a while I might be here a few hours right it might work you okay I'm not a strong bit of bread I need to go to the bread Jim shit shit oh my god if I die now I'm gonna be so upset grab onto something.

Grab on I'm not eating that BEC inhale your lifestyle is a disaster your house is a shithole and you won't eat this bread that's where you draw the line that's it I'm just charging whatever gets in this bread I do not care even if it's shared some glass am I stuck on get out of here the bread is just vibrating now moldy wall maliwal moldy wall oh my god.

I'm 2% bread I legit just have to try this jump again if I don't make it so be it that's about the best landing strip I can get let's go oh no oh God I made it no no no no no no no oh okay I mean it okay it's an unusual way to do it but it's doing it dawn oh very nice the walking bread well it's like 2 percent health with glass shards and mold all over it alright let's go on to the next.

Day in the bathroom mr. Merton came in very panic this morning he told me of his theory that the bread was somehow responsible for the incidents he then described how he placed the loaf of bread in his bedroom and returned from work to find his bedroom had also been upturned with a singular slice of toast sitting amongst the mess he left saying today would be the day he was sure his.

Theory is correct ok medicine cabinet so we're looking for painkillers and they just find a loaf of bread Oh cheering music is that a kazoo I hear ah nothing better than a kazoo oh I could shoot for the toilet here huh oh shit it's still good it's still good five percent Bret why does he even have plates and like jam in here anyway do.

You just have a serving of jam in the bath surprised this guy even washes at all this place is a fuckin mess shit shit oh I'm not eating that he was okay with it until it got a little bit more sulky and then that was too much Oh got myself a little bit wet that's okay a little bit of moist is good for you it is considered a delicacy in France.

Yes priceless space destroyed more room for bread oh shit okay great exactly what I wanted to do land on glass shards on the floor this is not a mistake this is a strategy it's calculated you know what fuck it make me invincible come on bread you can do it I didn't hear no Bell oh why is my braid not strong enough when she walked in on this .

This is somehow doing both sides I'm impressed so far the best way to make toast is with a hairdryer why is it not cooking now second ago you were faking cooking both sides now you're doing that all cook me all right okay now it's doing it okay good you just need to nag it then it'll do it needs improvement what are we playing Jesus Christ it looks like.

He's been committed he's left me in the dumpster apparently all I've done is try and make you brave why can't you just accept me for what I am like your being in here doesn't degrade the bread at all you know I'm literally in the trash Jesus this is quite heroic music all of a sudden where the hell am I going here I don't even know what I can cook myself with all I see is a lawnmower there's a.

Boiler over there I think you know what I think I can make that jump I believe in myself and if you believe in yourself you can do anything except that fuck oh wait I think I see a control switch up there that might just be for the garage door though well what what the hell what are we done here oh god damn and I've gotten my bread stock oh Jesus Christ I am mildly disgruntled that is.

The button I need but I don't know if I can do anything if I'm stuck in a fucking shelf oh that is quite the nice noise though when I came I'm so upset oh shit my grip is losing okay I caught on to something lesson learned just make strange noises if you're panicking fire in the house make strange noises it's fine oh my god what the hell I have a lot of licorice candy all over me now.

Can i still be toasted jesus don't get stuck again no no come on get out of the wall I think I could swing over here and just yep yep there we go it actually worked for once usually when I make a plan like that it fails drastically yeah that's right perfect perfect very good braid oh no I don't think I can actually move the bread it's moving the ironing board so I can't get in a.

Position where I can grip anything this fucking game Jesus Christ my neighbor's gonna be like police he's screaming about bread he sounds extremely distressed make me invulnerable we care I'm in this for the story now I love a good bread story to be fair I'd have the fuckin thing completed if I didn't get stocking that shelf oh my god Jesus that flipper you'd swear it was.

Skill if you didn't know who I was now that is cooking I know I'm a chef no that is a chocolate lava cake oh thank god I'm done I have done for good I do not want to be bred anymore it's it's suicide by drowning for me there we go oh okay I'm done right I hope you guys enjoyed me being extremely angry at being bread whoever suggested this why why did you do this to me but yeah hope.

You guys enjoyed a pre she is always folks and I'll see you next time bye for now oh no this is my game mode this is what I needed I suddenly feel a whole lot better share at patrons Nicolas McMichael nico de block Nichols Coates Niles holder plate their pens American holiness ever scare Randy Drake Rick tater ship Sarah Maxwell Sarah Campbell Sean Fitzgerald.

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Chase Johnson • 2 дня назад
* let's get this bread*
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Janette Armstrong • 2 дня назад
more bread i am bread you are bread bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeadddddddddddddd
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RareNoobWhoEatsBacon • 3 дня назад
Someone Needs To Make The Walking Bread A The Walking Dead Mod.
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LeveL 8 • 3 дня назад
"I am not toast *F* "
Dont worry, the creator is just paying respect.
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Ben Logan • 4 дня назад
Play human fall flat
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kiskisbella • 4 дня назад
im bready to die
👍 0
PB Richie • 4 дня назад
This is hilarious if you listen to the audio only
👍 0
Daisy • 4 дня назад
I am convinced the guy in this game is so severely depressed that his toast decided to make itself for him and that's why the house is such a disaster
👍 0
noel090909 • 4 дня назад
“Fire in the house? Just make strange noises.”
Kevin must be reading from the same safety manual the Sims read from.
👍 0
Bread • 5 дней назад
being bread is pretty hard
👍 0
Floriane Mortier • 5 дней назад
Why try to get to the iron when there WAS A HAIR STRAIGHTENER RIGHT! THERE! on the desk!!!!!! I screamed at that part haha
👍 0
VENOM • 6 дней назад
👍 0
SnowyReign • 6 дней назад
I demand more of this game! omg it was entertaining to watch! MORE
👍 0
Lordawesomeness • 6 дней назад
I like ducks scream 😂😂😂
👍 0
Pixel Treason 2 • 6 дней назад
Starch wads
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TheLightlySaltedPotato • 6 дней назад
Watching this while I'm on keto . FML
👍 0
LEGO Productions • 7 дней назад
4:23 I think he just dumped grampa's ashes XD
👍 2
Thomas Hofman • 8 дней назад
11:28 you understand when you watch his series
👍 0
Potato Gamer • 8 дней назад
What would the house owner react to this?
👍 1
TheElite Speeders • 9 дней назад
I think everyone would have a breakdown if they walked in their house and saw a slice of bread shaking a cow bell
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