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Comedy Night but it's a christian server

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Comedy Night has never been so holy
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No no fuckin way no I don't need to say to this I didn't set this up this this is the first room I have joined tonight I gotta do the same sorry I gotta get up on stage called the Ring of Fire I have never heard that before I really liked it good job okay um I just I want to hear the host as well it says you're a Rapiscan you do some rap after me or.

Something you can do so you can do some rap but like no I'm asking you it's you're the one the self-proclaimed rapid oh my miss what what a funny misunderstanding alright let's continue okay moving swiftly onwards okay I'm gonna do a song and you may not have heard it before it's called Ring of Fire is a burning thing the Ring of Fire.

Okay the next person that wants to sing Ring of Fire can come up next thank you okay wrap some ring a fire for me boy yeah you're the rapid come on I don't want to flog a dead horse or anything I don't want to sing it again it's seven dreamy burn burn burn you know all right we're gonna play at James Brown I feel good it burns the Ring of Fire.

And it burns it burns the Ring of Fire thank you God with a name like that you never think he'd spammed the mic through this guy's performance if you kick him you have to kick everyone it's only fair hello please oh I needed that music for my joke alright it's fine okay so why do people eat special cake.

They're special okay well it's because they're delicious three grain flakes combined whole wheat barley and rice to deliver Rock to deliver a crunchy and nourishing breakfast enriched with a blend of nine essential they don't want to be healthy including vitamin D B vitamin C and iron Special K as many of the nutrients you need to help you feel strong I've been.

Banned of course so I'm gonna do a bit of a freestyle here on my instrument so I if someone could drop a beat for me there y'all okay here we go what you know keep going keep going you need to keep going it's tiring yeah come on man it'll be worth it come on please can you just listen background music there's gonna be Danny - Brad yeah I'll bring it up on YouTube that's a good.

Idea actually this is gonna be hard to play I've got some wee music here is it rude of me to kick him offstage boy doesn't know what embrace my musical talent not even my neighbors .

Thank you thank you that was with one hand too because I had to hold space why do people eat Special K why because they're delicious three grain flakes combined whole wheat barley and rice to deliver a crunchy and nourishing breakfast enriched with a blend of nine essential vitamins and miracles including video I came to watch the B movie I'm just searching out the script.

Why do you need to search it do you not know it by memory no by all known laws of aviation bees should not be able to fly oh wait wait one thirty what he's saying talking about pounds we don't use those in this in my backwards country yeah 130 meters is an appropriate measurement of weight now you pay.

Attention to me to insult me I've been talking for ages here and you just ignore me it's a budget Darth Vader I like it I think it's against etiquette to sit right next to me when there are this many free chairs thank you appreciate it man excuse me this is a duet you play the bar theme song all right boys buckle up.

Buckaroo I don't deserve to be on stage for such talent thank you that was fuckin B thank you thank you guys incredible welcome brother how you doing hello I'm Catholic and from Ireland that's pretty good it has been five months since my last confession you know you can't confess to a person they themselves are sinners the only.

Person you could confess your sins to his God himself and I'd like to confess that I have been rude to people on the street stealing a bit of fruit from the store I was extremely hot it was it was a bit upsetting but it's all right it's it's something that I highly regret and I'm never gonna do again and also I run some people down on my camera from time to time thank you very much okay that's.

It yeah that's about it dude you got to confess mr. annoying you can't just come in here and don't confess to me when you think about it we're all criminals man I told you in confidence that I hit people with my cat there's no need to bring that up abiding person what do i do then you're a sinner well the Bible says no homosexual would inherit the kingdom of God I just want to hear what the other.

Guy has to say as well though I want to hear both sides you know yeah go ahead okay go ahead tell me what is it like to be gay being gay is it honestly dude it's the best thing ever oh well sign me up then if it's the best thing ever I may as well just do it you know if you're trolling my 2kq brother Jesus Christ is my Savior.

Let's start clearing up you know kids I think you converted a big boy stay here was that I think you convinced him he said that the Jesus was his Savior I could tell a troll from a serious person I've been doing this for a while ah I see you know come down here let me baptize you is that allowed you have to be Catholic in here oh I had.

To prove I was a Catholic when I came in we're not trying to make this a comedy section yeah why would we make this a comedy room on comedy night get off the stage I truly am an Irish Catholic boy it's just a strange place to have a religious preacher okay I came from the Christian chat room and I'm here to read my favorite chapter okay so chapter 7 the Ministry of Magic.

Harry awoke at half-past five the next morning Harry nodded again the laws on your side said leaping quietly he dropped his voice and said if you can get away before seven Molly's making meatballs go on he panted pointing his Tom at the door get in there and stepped inside the courtroom end of chapter 7 the Ministry of Magic order the Phoenix thanks guys shit dude wow that was that.

Was insane crap oh yeah I'm not sure if he was using drugs but drugs are really bad for you just thought I should probably know dude it wasn't drugs there was a back ebong I think laughing yeah but either way drugs are really bad for you and they're also illegal everywhere so you shouldn't use them no I did maybe another legal everywhere I can.

Drink them in my house at least you can I looked it up it's not legal here state to state you know in America drugs I'm in Europe and it's illegal weed it's not gonna be different the laws the law no matter where you're from so you can't do it then this kid bro like I went to Seattle alright now you're just making I mean like some states that's fucking a little loose.

Kevin bill these literally dispensaries in California I already said stop making places up okay your mother yeah never fucking want to do that has nothing to do with this all right I'm gonna segue us out of this drug talk sleep is my drug my bed is my dealer and my alarm clock is the police thank you everyone fuck you and your Segway Kevin I don't think there's a.

Single person in this entire room that likes it all fat ugly man Kevin I actually would like to intervene I like myself so there is a single man who likes me all of New Vegas is a failed spin-off of all three it is horrible who know is the original no I have my freedom of speech and uno is better than Fallout New Vegas case.

Closed hello I only speak English so please speak English so I can get in on the fun thank you well that was a bit rude you want to collab national bad advert that's the wrong Paul I'm a big fan I know these things do you have any merchandise in the old sighs oh yes I'm very local Paul get on up here I don't know why I'm taking the stage for you.

I'm sorry yo dude kill some rats or say something funny do you do a Logan Paul thing yeah I mean conveyor everyone has a hero zero people Logan is my hero he's really nice so a win made song about twice is my hero we share sometimes for example the speed slice wait how do you know all the words are you reading that I hope you're reading Yahoo Sherrod's patreon skimmed Rother.

Vbeq Oh Michael David Rose a striver 53 Valeria Iredell Toby water workplace older I need help Trey Fischer Isaac Mercer William Shannon katana buff Daniel Raine Jordan Simmons premium table soldier fortune in Elliott lurked SEMA Alex Baxter NER 34 Jordan Pederson validated decay motion box Gavin character Bradley Brown.

Ruby Albert um could be R David OSes Zachary parks healing in the Katrina debuff blossom Chi


Harry Potter Fan • 15 часов назад
8:19 😂 BROOOO
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Jimbo Terry • 1 день назад
Why does everyone call that a flute. I play a flute. That's a recorder
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Keaton Michael • 1 день назад
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Marvin Collins • 1 день назад
Kevin you're the best YouTuber ever hashtag subscribe to Kevin
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Nightmare vonic 2005 • 2 дня назад
No yelling on my Christian server
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sb games • 3 дня назад
I can tell a troll from a serious person, kevin talking about becoming gay and stealing fruit lol
👍 0
ThatHighGuy427 • 3 дня назад
Omfg I love your vids man. This one was great, should do more
👍 0
Scoutmaster zz • 4 дня назад
Im a southeastern american baptist
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SansFi • 4 дня назад
The guy who talked about homosexual people being sinners actually made me fkn mad
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The weirdest human alive • 6 дней назад
You should become a famous musician some day
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Melo Spree • 8 дней назад
👍 0
Blue Dragon • 8 дней назад
The guy just looking at him awkwardly
“I don’t deserve to be on stage... with such talent”
👍 1
Loveable Teddy Bear • 9 дней назад
👍 0
ParaFaust • 9 дней назад
Comedy night but every beef takes away one second of your life
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Youtube Lovver • 9 дней назад
I love how *serious* he gets 😂😂
👍 1
Kori Lee • 9 дней назад
Ring of fiyyyyyyyah 1:30
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100 000 subs without a video challenge • 9 дней назад
"I'M SORRY- I WEIGH 130 mEtErS" 😂 I died
👍 0
Zoey B • 9 дней назад
"well, I went to Seattle..."
"OK now you're just making places up"
👍 0
Fortafy Beats • 9 дней назад
Kevin: Go ahead, what is it like to be gay?
The bigdippergames: It’s honestly the best thing ever
Kevin: Oh well then sign me up
Best line ever 😂
👍 0
Pipy LongStockings • 10 дней назад
Best video intro ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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