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Bob, Wade, and I GO DEEP in a new episode of We Need To Go Deeper!
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All right I'm gonna start the voyage and then I'm gonna go have a PPE ok smack that BP around please don't I why would we die immediately we're good I don't know what I want to eat I have to get some food for myself if you could your food to you too come on man don't don't be like that bitch oh I know it is like this you know me better than that.

Look at us I'm a lady didn't realize this one oh I'm in the game which one am I think you're the lady they changed my appearance to I don't think I was a goateed lady last oh hey how are you it's too late those'll a customization was in the earlier one I'm Sondra all right I called dibs on some mills what is shooting load I can.

Give you commands you have by approval you putrid dig power to the engines power to shields yes please and power to gun yes please what a space oh space is boost oh shit we have boost now guys I can't see outside so tell me when to shoot outside use queue to look outside oh I forgot we could all do that in any time that's really handy well how do I know what.

Button to press to shoot space I believe a shoot you turn it with the west and in you spacerino to shoot arena cool this game was really cool yeah I remember the first time I played this game I was like oh fuck this space to shoot this space to shoot yeah it's space to shoot captain wait damn oh oh oh that seems like a meat thing to do in my way dude man the Sharks way okay I'm trying to.

Like loading the kind of gun you're gonna have to lower yourself I'm working on the things please wait idle a bullet which I can't ah the guy said you download yourself Wade I loaded it for you now I'm gonna load no I just load it for you oh god are you not listening to me see you asked how would we stuck holding a Gundam you're the gunner not you thank.

You first try I did it where's this other leak where's the leak mark party fixing the leaks there it is shut the fuck up hey hey you Oh apparently I used up a bunch of my boosts whoopsies all right doesn't have to be loaded and one does well shoot shoot wait fucking shoot things I'm trying I was in the wrong gun at the aim one one has to be loaded one dozen I.

There are multiple guns in this game literally 30 seconds ago I was like wait why are you cheating it was that was busy ordering myself food food except hungry ah right that's a good excuse three sharks they shooting them get the other gun out and shoot them Oh God oh they're really high they're really but they're really beefing up the.

Antigravity might help he need my help but you're you are close fuckin aim towards the shark please you fuckin aimed at the ground you're gonna wait you've played this before you have you played this okay can we turn the engines off and just fuckin regroup for a second yes hang on I'm turning the engines off I'm giving us more shield okay yeah shield shield this bitch up let me fix.

It we're drowning I got it I got it how do we get the how do we get the water out it'll go out naturally if you patch up all the holes wait I think you might be drowning oh god oh god I I need my water levels to go to we I know I know way you sure do don't you yeah sure dude guys I'm gonna die we're gonna kill them think I got all the things I think I got all the things alright cool wait do you.

Want to drive the thing and I'll shoot the shape and I know but you shooting was so frustrating I did my best was this door open here we go there we go maybe just maybe the problem wasn't me no the problem was exclusively you I'm 100% sure certain that the problem was you shark I I'm gunning I'm gunning fuck you Wade I'm gonna rest in bed for just a second.

I've got a wicked splitting headache you guys arguing all the time whoa his family apart implied something wrong Wade you have done many things wrong oh that's fine no go into the cave go into the game we want that cave of mysteries hermit hovel suck what is that what is this what we do what is this what is this I don't know did you have multiple guns or something what.

Does this do I don't know that's dope though I think it's I assume it it kills things probably but I can't repair with it well no you do have two gun slots how do you switch your gun slots cuz it says in the in if you had tab it says wrench and none like we should have a secondary guns I've got the Eldridge staff and nothing so how do i okay well one of you.

Can take it if you want but I guess if I'm not sparing I should have it no I'm gonna look at that control there's no option oh you guys control way do you have no ground to stand on air what the fuck whoa what the fuck oh my god whoa what the fuck what was that I don't know what that was you need a backpack do that so we need backpacks all right why didn't we bring those into our.

Submarine so someone else take it I'm gonna be repairing someone else naked who's like on guns or something who can help kill I think Wade should take it because I'm gonna be the one who's helping you repair if shit goes I should be repairing if someone else's on guns or dry oh I'm piloting though you're piloting for some right I think we got everything from this this area.

What's a weapon yeah but I think it also summoned that weird demon thing so there's like a chance thing or mark mark yes don't walk like that's terrifying oh it's wrong yeah you afraid the flexibility to show you a leg Etan the legs of which you've never seen oh I like the way my Gooch scrapes on the floor meet me in the corner I'm ready okay goodbye.

Wait oh fuck we have a limited number of torpedoes yes Wade I'm ready for you where'd you go man fuck me there we go let's go wait wait to thing what do you mean you're not there I mean I wasn't there this is a tiny ship Wade it takes like two seconds to go from where you were to where you wait Bob I'm gonna test out I'm gonna give all power to the.

Guns does your machine-gun get any more powerful is that faster that's faster right that's a little yeah I take away one power fire now faster with more power Oh more shark okay more power Oh God Nemo not like this okay fixing leak okay Bobby might be close to drowning I'm fixing it up right now as much as I can got it alright good oh yeah it'sit's.

Good let's get that mark go for it you get it mark I got it don't I'm good I'm good this is my favorite thing to do is my favorite what that need what you owe us what's there - made it buddy is my favorite I mean it's my favorite I favor it I love it I tried to chill for a second to repair stuff yeah shake we're good I'm fucked get it off I am about to die you fix that up I'm.

Going to just sleep big enough oh oh I'm crowning I've got seasickness alright I gotta go do the thing alright torpedoes you just go I'm fine I'm good I'm good I'm gonna you don't look so good I'm seasick but I'm good alright whatever here I just you're full of torpedoes use it if you need it okay all right now guys go chill first I go like.

In bed for a second or something inside oh Jesus Christ it's just that way for ya I keep trying go up I guess if you can yeah evasive maneuvers or something just call me shark sniper babe okay shark sniper bad in here today how many shots from that gun does it take to kill one of those things yeah I wasn't I was oh babe oh no boy run away run left front left that.

Gets me good shot okay go under repair I'm good I'm good boss how do i how do you unsee sick I look terrible I'm a look I'm gonna take care of you baby soft sweet baby baby no I was just helping you okay okay helping you meant it was just my sickness rubbing off on me where's the shark down I moved away from it all right I might if i smart like a smart you did.

Oh good Bab now that's a snack or find out about going on oh let me give you a real oh that's good moves all right you're one you're oh you just gave me seasickness I think I shat on the floor all over the Floyd wait we need to go deeper Oh sick we literally have been at the same depth for like this whole time go deeper I'm ready to fight I'm healed up to 14 torpedoes yeah I'm gonna stop.

Using them for a minute oh I am very barfy my boils are covering my mustache I don't think that's right what is that sound my face Bob the gun it's our vision so badly target about hang on okay I hear that where's that oh do it um Magnum captain we're going deep no oh god no it's parked out as you can I feel like my my perspective is broken oh shit switch to torpedoes here for a.

Second and just give us a little boost away from me okay get the K boss in the cab oh good good job boss good job when did we decide that ba or Wade was gonna be boss I don't know it's just natural pecking order you guys don't look so good horrible horrible thing you talking about orange bubbles coming your nose where's the fuck is your nose.

Yeah whatever man there it's fine Oh God fuck off away from you all know what that's God no I'm going outside fuck this all right I don't see comes out of my helmet i shat on the floor oh god no you've gotta go you've got your shit ha ha ha ha I got a backpack way to run ahead and get all the supplies Bob that's what I do.

Fuckos well there's a name thing chip weapon person help it doesn't have a name no behind him there's like a crab with a name wage shoot I am shooting shoot more get them oh my one shot Wow oh there he is down here wait wait wait I want to go to bed you've used you hose you've used the wand too much that's from the wand oh boy oh dear thank you guys give me any warning labels mark.

Said that out loud in English yeah I definitely did it clearly did that guy's still alive ow ow ow ow ow ow ow look I can't move again well yeah oh gee Oh more coming back more dude more do that full full fucking speed combat role on my way over here where you bitches at we're over here oh okay so hey how do I get that super dope chest I'm or you get nothing I'm getting it no.

Shut down ere I shat everywhere so it's probably me oh who just left me got the dope oh forgot it was on me you couid you you had an my lord you have a weapon man god damn I know and I want more in any way look at how fucking fast I am dude the combat role is the way to go I wasn't orange but you know whatever.

Whatever we're all like together in this I suppose susceptible to illness or something I don't know starfish carcass near engine power engaged I'm gonna give us two handbag actually no I'm gonna give us a double gun just because it seems like shooting him is more important ahead at this point he's fuckin even the bullets man go away nice work.

Gunner bob is on this shit Oh go inside oh okay there was a little squid bitch I figure yeah I think I was about to destroy us guys wait mark turn can you turn gun power on for a second yeah hang on why what do you need I think if you leave a torpedo loaded oh wait we can't into what don't do that don't do that I think you lose torpedos that are loaded when you when.

You deep our really yeah we were at 11 now we're at 10 torpedoes and the one that was oh don't don't shoot him he seems friendly hello hey that's must be readable yeah it's English can't you read that yeah it's so small I can't shit in front of the new guy oh god sorry sorry sorry sorry Judas Wacken no I worked the poop who they're merchants the gold means.

Something we need it they're gone rivet gun I am I have five fifty four fifty four oh you have gold if we if we kill these guys till we get gold I think we just don't get anything if we do that oh fuck we got to come back so close can we you fucking douche bag wait okay guys I just want to say shut up you ruined everything you ruined it well you just want to say.

I'll take the blame for that one okay take the blame for that one Wow geez man golly now did you shoot them intentionally that's what I want to know yeah he shot them intentionally fucking let's do this game but now that we're good good just the best so give me the weapon in the future I think the staff of killing merpeople what that's not what it does shoot them no no that.

Was we could have all made that happen no that's ten was talking to me it was called the staff of killing more people it told me I had to pull the trigger sometimes I dream about smacking you right in your face geez I don't you are bad at streaming you eat after stream oh here I'll just kick you out of the room and just market oh good great it's gonna be.

Great voyage let's set off I'm excited are you excited we can keep this together we can be strong together we can be strong this time yes this is the bigger ship were you intentionally getting the bigger ship this isn't the bigger ship this is one we were just son no no it's not yes this is not how the pilot's seat was organized man telling you oh this is this is a different ship.

This is a big boy we got this Oh oh yeah okay so we're gonna do this so in this game it's probably fun are there two guns they're hard Oh whoo guns there are no shields don't worry fuck all right so mark you know you and I have to trade off gunning and fixing maybe yes okay your god I picked the cravette that's my bad no no this will be good it'll be good it'd be good how.

Do i how do I switch guns how do I switch guns a and D back and forth right right okay that's that's gonna take some getting used to so generally you want to aim you want to aim left and I'll aim right mark and will be responsible for like 180 you got it man you got it just gonna shoot wherever mark is shooting if I can't see what's happening I don't know I'm just shooting in general the.

Only bad guys I saw are currently above us into the heights shooting down is probably a safe bet all right shooting down it is I wish that help the tooltips what is that I don't know I don't know oh that's always bad that thing that thinks bad that's bad news yeah what is this blast them blast no that's a grabby bed that's a bad.

Crabby I'm trying I'm trying alright never bad grab Oh God we're not going this way oh that's our feeling okay kill him oh boy oh God are we leaking let me check we are I'm taking care of Malik on my side there's some weird things leaks leak okay that's a leak okay oh boy I wish we had the other vehicle I'm dead.

Tim to scrum the terrible is guarding my corpse I'm dead okay wait are you alive I am with someone's ghost oh god here comes skittles wait you have one health oh okay enemies no no what the fuck that escalated quickly yeah that was weird one little shark oh the whole planets after us now but it's fine you know why it's fine because we are together as friends we are together we are working.

Together I don't think so we are working together also I forgot there's an EMP we probably should have fired the ANP no fuck what does that do I think it like disables everything around it blows all the power so that you can sound on the survive alright I actually just took Molly sandwich oh you like spicy things it's bad oh it hurts what.

Did she get that was spicy spicy chicken you're choking on a spicy you big baby bitch it's not expecting it you know it sounds like you're dying alright big tough point is that invite they're both I'm invited I'm going and this time we're gonna get it good we're gonna feel great the right ship two to three people we got that's the one we guess what tries a tiny one oh yes yes.

Yes yes I do I didn't even know that let's do it yeah the tiny one the barrel mark you've been doing power the whole time you don't mean I'll do it what but I just said all right you know what did fine I like this ship the ship's got good layout I like this yeah I could I can I can live with this yeah okay I'll pile.

It I don't remember him I'll stand down out of here okay go shoot you I don't want you shooting the gun I'll do everything you just stand there in the pics holes come on time traveler meand I don't know what who the fuck are you wha are you yeah there is what the shit oh no is the game public who the fuck is this I think we have a Rando with us okay whatever it's fine all right you.

Ready mark yeah I'm ready let's do this well this is a lovely ship why haven't we been doing this one this delightful as it says it's for two people hey I don't care it seems to be good good work oh you're you run out of boosts mark I don't know how you recharged that it you have kind of a lot but like it doesn't seem to like regenerate or anything oh the Rando gave me a torpedo you didn't.

Know there was a boost no wait I don't know I just feel like killing a what's the boost button face it says it real big on the screen when you're piloting oh like one twentieth of the screen it says space oh there's a shark here work good work there are two sharks here that's a problem no you keep them on one side it takes it forever to turn this fly right okay oh God hang on.

Evasive maneuvers there we go there we go there yeah okay okay okay I hear the sloshing sounds of water yeah we fixed the 132 health up there's one we're fine oh good starfish starfish starfish I got them that's a lot of meat yeah that's a lot of meat for a small starfish rate of repair no repairs need to baby have fought them off nicely oh that's not it.

Thanks to excellent work and lot about just our powerful weapons he gave me more power to weapons what guys this friend Oh mr. dream he's good he's good he's good that one he knows what I do like I trained him myself wait would you shut the fuck up and eat you're not spicy sandwich nicely done good work team okay van Gogh bag I'm just gonna serve her meat wait until.

He's done eating Little Nemo over there no there's a very bad hose Oh what the fuck whack his arm back his arm walk his arm apparently ha what the fuck why he grabbed me I'm sleeping the soy sleeping sweeping it away get away I'm sleeping did you just let him grab you no I was trying to jump into his open-armed dude I've got this so ow oh.

Let's watch market divers joy landlubber dude sick burn dude that guy got us so how did he know that was gonna happen oh no maybe by the look of the cave this this one this time we got this I like that ship that's a good ship but I don't think I'm best for piloting I think someone best on repair I feel good on repair oh okay whoa we can buy new ships.

There's an S padam for 25000 gold shit it's got a real do I have not enough we don't know what I have you don't have enough you don't know me you don't know we have gotten nothing no unlocks no relics no nothing we got it we got to accomplish it this time we'll do it this time if it's if it's bad homes in a Cawood bad news in a cave we'll just boogie on out of there just power up and.

Get the fuck out exactly there's no reason we need to stay into death we can live outside of the death I'm asking Amy if she can order some Wendy's because Wade you made me hungry for it oh dude food is so foodie food is so so Moody yeah Bradford you like food you've done food before try this food thing you put it in your mouth I know it sounds weird you're putting your mouth you smash it.

With your bones in your mouth oh you shove it inside you it's great and that it's how swallowing is described I mean pretty much I would say it's more like you squeeze it inside you yak I was trying to describe swallowing someone you kind of squeeze it through cuz it's constant squeeze all the way through in and out and you sort of you sort of jerk the life juice out of it.

While you're squeezing it inside you I love jerking the life juice out of it that's like my favorite part of it okay are we ready let's go deeper I can't look outside help help come come get on the gun maybe and then get off and see if that fixes it can't look outside well if you want to do the gun I'll do the inside no no no no no I'm good I'm good I'm good I'm good in here.

I probably should be looking at the the inside maybe it's just cuz this ship only two people maybe one can't look outside here so it's all suffer that's fine I got this what is that that seems bad what does it describe it to me you got to describe every water iceberg under water ice for an iceberg I'm gonna shoot the fuck out of it and see if an alien.

Comes or nearly Oh everyone calm the fuck down I'm not panicking at all I'm good look out Mork did you see that yeah hey fuck off the game keeps telling me to press Q to look outside those like caps just maybe fuck oh no I mean the button lights up when I press it so it's it's responding but it's just not doing it so that's fine Oh repair I'll see to it that you guys.

Get repaired whatever you guys are share well I said I'm dead damage not today not today not today we're not hey when I'm actually paying attention full time to the ship bye I'm really quick on these repair yeah no you're very good when you pay attention yeah and the ship is like smaller so it's easier to get to the right things at the right time I bet it looks really.

Cool out there you guys really got to be descriptive about this it looks amazing it's all out of this well what can you move away from it a little bit please there we go go on for that oh yeah yeah I see it in my bunk nice you gotta get out get out get out get out go to bed there we go hello starfish I got a bed for a minute Berger's chasing us didn't know that was.

A thing well taking guns real quick just to look it's directly below us oh oh shit shit shit okay I I press the wrong button thing going for the thing okay I'll come back I'll come are you trade off in three two one go good work there's a dent somewhere I don't know where I'll find it I was gonna keep going deeper that's a good idea.

That's the we need to do mixing fixing pixel fixing fixing all right Wade you might be in trouble there's three holes in your room if you could pop off for just a second and get back in I'll watch the gun actually I'll come help you and we're almost good we're good okay resume I'm ready I'm ready I'm so ready own it boys we're doing it doing it we're doing we're going up another little mini.

Iceberg we ate landlubbers here like the music mm-hmm it's very underwater exploration yeah I bet it's good it sounds real good in here the music I can hear it too also I can hear the music do you not have music because you're inside because that doesn't make sense I don't know I turned it down there I'll crank I'll crank the tunes I also offered to trade.

With you I just want to sit down oh I'm fine I'm good I'm good by myself it's good you guys what did this life and then our gonna proceed to just moan about it constantly I've got you new torpedo and your show I'm doing a very important job I'm not moaning how's it feel to be treated like I get treated more what are you talking about you get treated with respect all the time and.

I'm getting treated with respect that's that's what it is oh hey I opened the fig and there's things I see some things out the window nice bird the funny thing is like I can actually see out the windows pretty clearly that's a lot of noises it's all squid squid squid I'm gonna focus the squid fixing fixing fixing fixing out fuck that hurts.

Our turn guys guess what no no no you're good you're good no I'm actually I'm actually having a blast here this is intense once once the action starts and I got a repair things it's actually pretty cool space so hard now I've got the music now the music's pumping I hear the music oh yeah now you go fires as fast as it can work we're gonna get sucked are you ready to get.

Sucked on no why squid up squid up squid up get in the cave get in the cave getting the cave okay okay I have no reason to believe it's bad okay okay looking out cave looks clear guys I'm sleeping it's just heaven fuck yeah baby oh that's it no here up here at the rocks shred shrimp and baby crab Marx is going for the loot he don't give a fuck yeah you.

Know me oh fuck oh hey careful there's a named enemy up there just for the record think there's a strip yep I'll be there hang on I'm coming what are you out alright clams dead well backpack go ahead go ahead pop you got it you got it Bob I believe in your three health I guess maybe I should go sleep uh yeah no sleep no sleep no sleep a pearl up here got some months I'll just be real.

Passive with this guy alright but if you get hurt again just run away hey you guys get some good shot if you get an extra thing I can carry an extra skate right by these enemies to go for the treasure chest Oh bark did it last time didn't I beat every enemy on the way there I didn't skip any the enemy there what's in the chest No.

It was his gold oh really yeah you guys want to see some I got a we can barrel earlier that's nice hey what's up it was hey Bob how's it going this is how people move yeah I've seen it all right there's a mr. more shit up here is there oh really yeah there's a breakable wall I don't believe you oh whoa oh I'm in the enemies.

I've got the name one here oh shit you guys found a different way all your Park cord I sure did out to health 12-12-12 I'm going I'm going ah good bet it's good very comfortable very comfy very calm Plus lots of plush happening hey has everybody watching followed Bob and wait on their twitch channels yeah because if you haven't fuck you yeah I'm.

So sad don't power up yet him sleeping power up market powering up I'm power up or powered you lazy bastard yeah what are you doing in bed hey I can look outside now see how cool it is out here no I didn't but now I do well there's where the Ice Bowl that doesn't like ice cave maybe we don't go in that one else bad that's bad yeah all right let's go I'm gonna give you a.

Stroke say no for now that was a big hit where is it go in the same direction wait get a little speed get us away whoa whoa oh yeah we need we need to take care of these guys quick cuz we are taking a lot of pain oh shit another one oh yeah guard that one art oh you've got something inside you inside you Bob inside me yeah hey there's the pedo use the pedo or use the torpedo not the pedo.

No JEP alright we're safe mark we're safe okay fixing this league here and oh we cannot take that much damage nice burn mama pants all right check it out this cave I think it might be a civilization undersea civilization do not attack them this time know who you telling we telling way up here up here up here we can't afford any of this I'm just gonna go hang out on the shit yeah.

It looks like we got nothing we can get here this is a good place to stop yeah nice power to the engines we need to go deeper boys Wow he said the thing he said the thing Bobby said the thing I'm Chris placeholder okay I'm gonna be I'm gonna be on torpedo duty so feel free to be liberal with the torpedoes get reloaded I've only got so much boost we're about to start taking damage.

There's the first hit need to repair that nice nice nice nice nice the first boss and we had a pretty decent piloted if I say so myself all right pilot seems like kind of a dick okay well I tried to give us all three compliments and that was okay you're the one who ate your food while we are streaming how about that oh that does not make me take my hand off the.

Keyboard for more than like 10 seconds at a time I only took my hand off the keyboard for a few minutes what then what is happening oh they - what nom nom mom why are you guys eating it I'm just staring off into oblivion can I not eat I got an extra health point oh shit me too we did yeah now you me and Wade are at.

11 out of 11 oh it's lights lights lights lights incoming we need okay we got one less shield we've got lights though sorry Connor are we only on one we're on one gun we got one on everything right now so shields are gonna be low but I'm gonna be watching for repairs I'm giving them the D we're going deep we're going we are heroes watch out there to grab me.

That's a grabbing 18:06 on the wall there you see the little thing I saw it it's gonna stay away from that he fucks on us he does fuck all that rust that is a truth alright we're gonna keep going deeper yeah that's what we do that's how we do here we go deep we go real do you need to do it we're gonna go do we give deeper we go deep dude we give so deep you know how deep I don't know how.

Comfortable I am with that dude round Christmas I give deep you're loaded we're about 600 okay oh it's up here you're all right mark yeah we're good we're good we're good and last hole is good or should be no where's there's one more somewhere just just hover for a second we have a little Narwhal thing Oh our board at Florida for deported.

Careful I didn't see him yet but I live down here that's a big guy oh you got sick fuck that's gonna be annoying you guys good we're still killing him is real you doesn't do much all right just really just makes me seasick all right all right well I'll try to clean up your shit for you we are such a good team guys I just wanted to say how close.

I fall to you guys you're so deep right now when you're looking outside the windows at the ship outside I am right up in your business giving you like affirm Tory hugs I appreciate that hug did you feel that way I felt that can you do it again oh oh I hug Bob and I got sick you fuck my fucking bullets you take to kill motherfucker I bet we're gonna get a medkit in this game I.

Bet I bet all right well I have a backpack so I can be the the med boy got like a snail or subscribe don't you guys shit on me yeah I don't think you can avoid it man I'll fuck this snail I'm gonna get you from behind it good work I'm gonna make sure it stays dead what am i dying of right now what is happening no need to go taking now there's like three snails.

In this I think keep spawning what the hell it's like moore's infinite snails I don't know I'm gonna go take a nap you go one come on a healthy boy or clam rather that's yes crab slam and Sam Raab suck it in there I'm calming boys oh hello you didn't get very much further yeah we did Cameron the nimble's dead I'm gonna go nap real quick I don't really need it.

But stay healthy guys so healthy in the ceiling I don't see do you wanna know drugs man wait what was in that same buddy Jessop backpack here get this backpack someone get that yeah oh fuck I can't hit that hey what's up Oh God snaily yeah oh you can hit it from right here and not be in its areas Wow mark I think you're in his areas I was.

In his areas yes take that bitch oh it's a trap drop all your shit out ok I'm at 3 I'm going to heal poor money everywhere fucking feel free to help me wait that was what the enemy that's killing me there was nothing what the hell I'm having a weird issue did you just run past me to get that glutton another watch watch my perspective there was no.

Enemy snails up there I got the skills to pay the bills so many bills being paid here I've killed so many snails you guys should be so grateful did you kill all us finds you yes I did yes I fuck hey what's up snails well I can't help what you run into I got three I got the treasure there's nothing else there it's just some enemies we I don't think we need to kill them all right and.

Three two one yeah it's all yours i shat in it but guys we have 49 torpedoes yeah alright let me know when you're ready I'm ready sir Oh give me like always God lights on all right okay there we go guys we need to go deeper all we said the thing oh shit alright we have a total of bad how'd you drive right at it what are you doing.

There was a grabby on the left I had to dodge I got it I got it Bob's just I got another one he's the one thing just go shoot him Oh another blobby that one's coming man oh fuck move wait so fuck it was to lobby I'm fighting them off now that I would finally done with that guy my time I get back down you let me tend more spa.

Don't be so pessimistic we dog shit we're good no no well I mean it is you guys are shoulders I would rather have blobs than things that would actually kill us God what an ugly piece of shit what kind of sea creature is that is that a real thing no it's real it's real it's real it looks exactly the same as it's real picture we're getting sucked okay oh not a good place to get.

Sucked Evie you're the bus Amy thank you Mark load me four pianos okay loading loading I'm loading a me got me Wendy's guys okay you're loaded what is this quality okay you're loaded yeah it's fine we're good Paul oh my goodness he got me Wendy's yes like a stop for some Wendy's where's this bottle of oh what's that somebody pick it up yeah I can't because.

Obviously I need the wrench but oh I'm gonna die now why what it poisoned me and I have one health now Jesus well it did look like a poison it was very poison oh yeah you did say oh what's this poison and I was like oh this poison find out what it is oh god it's poison this is the power up the anglerfish is on us yeah I'm gonna be I'm gonna on the gunner's three two one.

Power whoa God lights oh okay fine I don't see the angler maybe you spawned yeah we're gonna go down just let us at the boss we're at 2700 feet sorry faddish oh can we go with that I think we should try it alright we're gonna go inside movies Oh what you doing Oh what is this it's a civilization who for all this gold that I have they're.

Parasites a shell ooh they got something shot up the guts medkit oh we can afford it to get it I'll get it maybe we can both buy one oh we need more than one I don't think so Oh Oh No oh we just got a boogie out of here just get to the ship and get out go oh wait are you in the ship he had mark you're the only one alive drive the ship away.

Girl things okay it just clicks I guess god damn it well that was my bad but I don't understand what happened I was just trying to buy the thing and then I shattered the glass and then they attacked the shit out of us you think you had to talk to the merchant or something I was just hitting.

E oh wait we have we have some gold now can we buy a medkit from the catalog it's like a starting kit sure spicy huh hey hey I feel you're famous Oh does anyone want to switch I could do whatever I'm good with where I was I liked it you sure yeah I just don't want anyone to have I mean I feel like the gun is like with a fun one.

No I don't want anyone to have to do time piloting I don't want the pressure of like having to aim if you like it then go for it yeah me either I felt a lot of pressure with you guys like waiting you know shoot anything that'd be fair you weren't shooting anything I mean you're not wrong Bobby not wrong we drive on the correct side of the road is like well Americans invented driving and.

Then one guy was like Touche Touche you're right when you're right you're right I can't I can't look outside yet we have to get to a cave before I can I have a privilege shut up and fix it all right I will all right a little boss road eople Rico remember describe it to me I'm ready there's a water some green fish out there I can see you.

Pretty pretty buh buh doo buh buh buh that's not the button repair you lying sack of shit III appreciate it I feel like you guys really appreciate Who I am as a parcel you know the best way to best way to win this is by following Bob and Wade over on their twitch channels that's the best way to do this we did just break ninety thousand followers almost to a six six.

Figures over here livin large cuz I have my dashboard up when I stream so that I can see what's happening to myself oh that's the button and you're like god damn I hope I'm streaming to the right twitch page yes if only there were some information about this on some sort of website stop stop looks clear if we all die so you're like a bottle of bottle of Oh what's.

Happening fuel fuel on your screen yeah for the booze exclamation point you picked up oh whoa Carol Carol Carol Carol Carol oh god Carol you're so vengeful out you're dead can you revive me with oh yeah apparently I can how did you die I didn't keep track of my health very well it's just like a health penalty right yeah you lose one total max health oh.

Sorry weights are fish meat thank you I don't I don't see things correctly on my screen just Oh God fine what's up being so nimble I like how way just sit still aren't they hurting you when you do that not really no you can attack them from outside their range by sitting still all right you're gonna have it oh you can oh I was here moving and dancing like crazy.

I know I was like dodging like an asshole just sitting there just outside there what we got 777 go right now god that means stuff oh don't you do something you can do some sweet rolls I'm enjoying watching this don't mind me Russian striptease nice work on that see oh Jesus Christ oh oh oh fuck it released the thing Ron whoa whoa what would that working on it.

Whoa what the fuck guys I just found the radar what Wayne are do it it's a radar what my Kamini I can see tactical information I can see farther than you can see with your eyes we have already yeah we have a radar what's in that cave what's it say about the cave it doesn't say anything about the cave it just says that there's a cave there and I can see it from a way far away what okay once we.

Get outside if you press Q and then press space you access the radar oh it's this guy I should definitely eat that well that looks fancy Bob freezing munitions that's good and nanners they hit space and Q no Q and then space once once we're out and we could actually use to outside view radar would have been so whoa what the.

Fuck I know right that's amazing yeah that's pretty cool holy shit what uh fuck you can even see enemies that seems new wait there's another cave we can go up and then back around and go to that other cave we have the down okay you're right you're right we're stuck maybe if we when you're right you're right oh boy.

Acta coal guide mark where are we going it's open for the rest of the way down you've got clear a swordfish incoming from bottom right what about five o'clock oh there's a shark at about three o'clock far off the right star from North Nemo from two o'clock Oh fuck's sake I'm gonna go out I'm gonna get on capito loading firing torpedo loaded thank you we're good on the.

Outside yeah there's a chicken octopus a chick - puss are it's dead it's going to push the rock because we're problems yeah yeah I'm going for the guns this just got a lot more tactical with this we're using we're using our freezing torpedos yeah the torpedoes freeze them now yeah that's all we've got we've got nothing else yeah something coming off it's on.

Let me here we go I'm fighting it it's up in the pilot cabin I need to sleep after that that did a lot of damage chill it this got crazy more tactical holthusen yeah I really did yeah alright we have got it's alright it's already connected there's a cave directly below us though or some kind of object it might be one of the it might be like that Roman Colosseum looking.

Thing down to the seven o'clock from where we are right now this is the place where I got it no this is a place where you guys killed yeah alright so this time I'm not gonna do a thing put my can I put my wrench away now I don't have a backpack hello I'm gonna not do anything because we probably can't buy anything anyway we've got enough gold through this one we could afford this stuff yeah.

All the rivet guns really dope is that a really great thing what does what do is this no God ship go ahead we can't outrun they get on the ship with us yeah but I'm gonna know get in the ship I'm an eternal and how power I'm gonna power are you in we're going yeah go there on the drive tractor only madam only one of them only one of them only one of them.

Bullshit he's tough ah fuck me he's gonna kill me now I killed me fuck I was holding e Jesus Christ oh shit who is that what is this what a satellite man just boarded our ship and gave us stuff and killed me what the fuck oh my god how do you interact with those things with now fucking doing that I don't know I literally was holding me and trying to look at what the thing was.

Do I have enough to buy the medkit ooh or the gun I could buy the gun or the med kit does anyone have enough to buy anything we all have same amount of gold I think yeah so mark you're gonna be the only one who could fix yeah I'll be fine with that alright one more time guys we got this we got that time it's gonna not even.

When we go to a place where it's like that I'm gonna knock it off the boat and just fuck it cuz I've done that twice now and that just ruins it for everyone I'm gonna boy let's do it I like doing the callouts now that's of a new thing I can't do it initially because for some reason I can't see around for some reason that's no no it's whatever choose an item a gun.

Hey guys I have a gun now alright cool bang bang done guns you guys like my bag yes hate me with their daddy I'm afraid too right now cuz if I use it now I'll be pissed no it doesn't go away it you just hit people with it and it heals them we've had it once before it's like unlimited use I don't know can you heal yourself I.

Forget I don't think so can't right you need to try not to take damage and you need to stand behind me and I'll make a bang bang and you make a heal to heal operation to protect your captain all right ready engine on going on what that's a mission it's the ice world hey I can see outside all right cool yeah you ready oh yeah oh all right only one yeah do six o'clock only one path it's.

Very wide open to the right there's nothing right nothing to the right straight shot down opens up a little bit no distinguishing features the music is so hopeful this time it really is it knows that we have good stuff both sides left and right pull there's another iceberg on the left no there's a cave on the left side it's one of the curlicue she'll always write left or down down.

Through the pull there's a cave let's get sucked boys it's just gonna be hermit hermit men I'm not sure I've got the gun oh it is hermit man I love her man give us your shit trash for us oh good that's worthy that's a complete gun upgrade Spreadshirt yeah what's this other thing someone else get this other thing I don't want to upgrade already active what is that oh that's an EMP.

Upgrade maybe oh that's right this has an upgraded EMP oh yeah hey the gun looks cool yeah is the shotgun like the the gun bullet gun or though yeah I think I think it's the I think it's the unlimited ammo what the fuck yeah all right engines on guns on shields up all right we're good to go all the gun is upgraded oh my god.

That's nuts it was a good upgrade for the ship I thought that was enough grid freely there's an enemy you probably can see it dude all right you're clear there's an enemy three o'clock behind that Ridge coming down now four o'clock so fucking dead he's over to the right he ran away to the right because he knows I've got the shotgun and he's fucking dead all.

Right just that iceberg no enemies spotted fuck that iceberg fuck you iceberg because we're all part of the same ship man cohesive unit on a fish seven o'clock eight o'clock coming in you probably saw before I even call it alright Orca five five four three almost 3 o'clock good call good call.

It pushes him away too it's only right there's nothing to the left you couldn't even swim over to us I feel bad honestly I don't feel bad at all time traveller time traveller what is that hey hey yeah what are you doing wait you just pooped a guy out what oh oh god oh god oh god what the fuck is that I murdered him I murdered him dick oh he gave me some disease you Wow fuck.

I've got space AIDS oh god I'm good yeah you healed me you heal me wait wait wait I'm dying heal me hit me one more time hit me one more time thank God we have the goddamn medic Jesus you wanted me to get to show off that sweet medkit and it's true you got to eat your toy I'm traveling just had our bags he acted like a dick but it was.

Like it was benefit good dick I love good dick go there's an iceberg there's nothing all right only one way I can town straight down only one way to fucking just they both go same place go left on it I like this I like this penguin penguin penguin four key one good coming in I'm gonna focus penguin nice I'm gonna focus both of them okay penguin is on board.

He's inside he's inside where's yet he's named his finger oh he killed me he's very tough got him okay I think you're a leak up here I'm reviving mark yeah we can go fix it yeah I'm gonna I'm just gonna go fix it anyway I'm at nine yeah I'm good I'm I've raised with full health apparently yeah that guy was tough hold down below but it looks like.

There's a cave there as well I believe that's a cave not harm percent sure oh that might be a boss cave we can check it out but I've got the gun now I'll peek first okay wait oh yeah oh yeah oh it's a lair gardial oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck he grabbed me from inside what the fuck he grabbed we gotta go oh god is he gonna let me go is he ever gonna let me go I don't think he's gonna yes he let.

Me go with the skinny he got me somehow okay waiting you like reach the door shit Brad yeah you did park fix the holes be ready to go high-five how'd you get ahead get in let me know when you're in I'm dead fuck what all right hanging we're gonna have to fight this I'm gonna fight him okay you get your D half he's already half he just missed me I'm gonna fix this.

Ship hold just because that's a problem you get out of his grip he just lets you go I think I made you out god damn it he's punching holes in there are you okay out there Bob I've on he hasn't touched me yet okay I'm trying to fix this one last hole oh fuck he grabbed me gasps fuck are you dead no I might be it just depends what spell Oh a rock hit me I'm dead okay marking hell.

What that guy's so bad holy shit and we even almost got it yeah Bobby Robert no it hasn't I'm gonna choose to believe you I can't see you but see his hell's going down he's almost he's almost dead I'm in kind of a spot where he can't hit me and I just have to kill us little drones before they get me got this Bob Bob we didn't you holy shit blue sky we're.

Gonna do this uh fuck you no don't throw me don't throw me bro oh you're so close there we go there we go I got the trail Bob Bob you got him you got him Bob throw me bro don't drop me bro you gotta call me bro yes oh that's still a drone alright hang on I gotta revive you guys holy shit I get market morning at me oh that's that's wait but it's okay oh sorry I.

Couldn't get the other one there we go holy shit get fucked alright what what is that what is that corrosive munitions fuck yeah do we have any backpacks no no no backpacks come on uh let's explore together would yeah I'll be here I'll be your ear fight day you need health i'm phileo all right I'm coming out whoa alright I don't know oopsies.

Oh this oh yeah I don't think there's anything up there and that was not fucking that was not worth that fuck that dude okay well issues might be good with that there's a gun there's a better gun up here hang on I'm gonna upgrade my gun we're just like there's up here is like oh I don't know if that's better it looks cool.

Oh yeah the sugar does a lot of damage mmm I'm gonna go with that and see since I have the gun anyway cool yeah I hope the pickaxe isn't something that can also repair you want to try it are they're awful I repaired fully I don't want to risk it just because I wish we had a backpack that have been nice oh well anyway you guys anybody need.

Help marketing to heal I'm good I'm good if you hit tabloid you can see our Health's all marks you down to max of eight I done yeah fine hopefully we get the food thing at some point and we get a someone get some more Health's yeah all right you guys ready yeah I can do I was you didn't get a health boost Bob for killing the boss yeah it seems like I thought we got one last or was it the.

Depth that gave us a bonus it was just getting past the first boss like outside of this I don't know if that was worth it but that was very fun that was cool all right looks clear I got grabbed out of the ship and me dude yeah is that a cave do to the right there might be a cave three o'clock all right can we risk this anywhere near them I'm gonna sting yeah I'm gonna stand with my gun next to.

The ship and do nothing our way do you have a medicine thing I'd that probably wouldn't hurt anything right don't risk it everybody click your mouse I'm not gonna click shit okay here's the stuff oh really gold I have nine mil yeah didn't do anything I'm on the boat thank God alright ready yeah it wasn't me for once we survived that encounter the.

Deadly I just see on the radar I can see the giblets on the radar so it's just I like the way they they eviscerate anytime I shoot them the tiny starfish explodes just as big as one of the fucking giant orcas this might be the boss chamber looks pretty open below oh I'm fucking ready give it to me alright come here bitch where you at Huntress bitch better than the torpedo is this.

Like a really rare thing to get I feel like this gun is ridiculous it was like 1500 at the gold places so it must be pretty hard to get yeah what was even better than that and there's gotta be must be really like that I'm just like the murder guy if this was Firefly I would be Shane right now oh dude yeah I would be that other character who drives I'd be the lady I'd be that lady.

Everyone knows that I'm disappointed in you do I get to all right we're in some bonus boner cast time your damage repair mine repair went up alright I have a question does this save no I don't think so okay I I can go for another ten minutes all right give it lights lights Raj yes incoming six o'clock seven o'clock which way do I want to go another content five.

O'clock keep going straight down we've got a cave at five o'clock another contact five o'clock the caves are here cave is five o'clock yes creepy dude not this time no go away wait to me off fuck off what you're fucking invincible no you're not oh my god guys my damage is this is a real cave yeah just well just filled me with you my god having heels is zone whoa.

Back up back up back up back up all right yeah you use just standby just stand behind me a little fuck out of them I'm just gonna keep swinging my uh my meds I'll kill the corpses I'll kill the corpses no problemo boys all right I'm getting low on mana you have mana no okay that's like what the fuck don't worry big dick Bob's on the case thank you big dick Bob.

You're our hero big dick Bob I'm really glad that we've got your big dick energy hey I shot this dirt and some gold came out what the fuck okay back the fuck up them that thing holy shit is it dead yeah I guess Jesus Christ what's in the thing bro babies we're also invested in the teamwork now we were like you take no you open all the way oh it's so nice.

There's one more snail in here but that's it I think it was guarding nothing you feel nice and heal oh wait we're coming I forgot how to jump don't worry big dick Bob's here thank you big dick Bob big deep ball you need a theme song oh I don't think this is anything I'm healed up yeah I'm fine baby it's fucking amazing.

Yeah that gun is fucking amazing dude Bobby you so good our navigation is the radar Oh dead end Wade go left instead of right whoa attacking whoa whoa whoa what's that yeah I got it it's good are there any more out of there anymore yeah there's one more hole so there must be a hole in my room there's a hole in my room well there's a tentacle down here all right you got.

Tentacles dead there's a hole done oh man my hair is much faster it's off of us oh this is so much better being able to repair this good oh yeah keep going I'll focus okay take care of the bullfight octopus shit shit shit I gotta hold my room mark I'm gonna have and clear the downstairs I'll be there in just two seconds here we go dad oh shit you were dead I didn't realize my help.

Is going down coming for ya I'm coming I'm coming forward don't worry where's one hole up here I know it's it's full of a tentacle first we're hitting something bad I think I'm shooting the squid and the anglerfish there's an anglerfish on us that's a big hole all right we're good obsessive get the whole smark on there we're fuckin huge whole thing reporting everywhere.

There are a couple holes in the ladder space yeah yeah okay we're good Wolfie Wolfie thank you for the color anglerfish outside I should be able to fight them off on my own oh shit we got to anglerfish yeah yeah just keep go go make some space somewhere give good mark yeah we're good we're good we're good we're gonna shit there's one more I don't know where it is oh it's in your.

Room wait you might be drowning it was behind you you're good you're good with normal shit oh my god yeah I don't know that wood can you get on the radar mark I think the radar radar we're clear there's a path down to the bottom left about 7:30 keep going straight the way you're going you're headed towards contacts nine o'clock small oh go down I'll fight it off.

Whoa there's well anglers do not appear on the radar just FYI squits down went down I'm gonna give you extra gun real quick good Paul oh nice oh my god it shoots so fast are you shitting me it shoots so fast another angler on the right we guys we got parasites on board I got I got hit pretty bad coming coming they're dead down here I'm warned of the cave go more.

Yeah we need heal yeah we dare say there's a hole in my room I'm diseased I don't think I can fix myself maybe if there's an item in this cave we can trade it out slowly are you dying I don't I'm just at seven health I don't know oh I can't heal though I think this whatever this disease is keeps me from being able to heal all right I got bad news guys I gotta go.

No I'm so sorry I would like nothing more than to keep going with this but I really if I don't leave now I'll never make it have them meet you halfway all right but you guys can keep going without me right no we need all right I wish I could I really wish I could but I cannot this is something good run but I.

Think if we play it again we'll have just as good run cuz now we know right no no no all right thank you guys so much I'm out here take care see you man


Larissa Mitchell • 23 часа назад
From what I can see, to buy the things you need to crouch like you do when you're reviving people and hold as opposed to breaking the glass which naturally comes off to your undersea friends as stealing
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please make a part 2 maybe with jack next time plss
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When you want to buy something you’ve got go in front then a coin icon will appear press it then you get it
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Through the power of friendship, these sailors with numerous differences, came together and spooned with their knees inside their ribcages.
It's almost...
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If you guys play it again, there was a coin symbol that I think you can click on to buy the stuff from the people
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“Alright” at the beginning had me screaming
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I love how diplomatic these guys are
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