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Places On Earth You Are Not Allowed To Visit

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Narrated by: Darren Marlar
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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facts verse presents places on earth you're not allowed to visit number one the North Sentinel island North Sentinel island is surrounded by sharp coral reefs and it's one of the most difficult Islands on earth to get to even if you could get there easily you still wouldn't want to it's located in the Bay of Bengal and it is inhabited by the.

Sentinelese tribe these people are very protective of their Island and their isolation you might think groups resisting contact from the outside world only exists in the movies but nope they are real considering the fact that these people are headhunters it's best you just stay far away from their Island number 2 the last cow cave this strange-looking cave is located in the.

South of France and it's at least 20,000 years old the cave is absolutely beautiful which made it a huge tourist attraction for years the mystery around how the caves were created also brought in tourists unfortunately since 1963 these caves have been banned to the public according to a report in 1948 it was discovered that the co2 exhaled by visitors was destroying the paintings in.

The cave because of this in 1963 entry was banned shortly after it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site today only a handful of scientists are allowed to visit the caves it's very sad that a place like this is closed to the public just because it's necessary for people to breathe number three metro to the 5200 metro rail was built underground in Moscow.

Russia for years have remained a very well kept secret the Russians built the secret metro line parallel to the public metro rail above they made this rail as a way to avoid a nuclear catastrophe if there ever was to be one over the years the rail has started to fall apart and crumble when it was running you couldn't see it now that it's not running it's too dangerous to see number 4 the ice.

Grand shrine this Japan shrine is what are the oldest shrines in the world within the structure are a series of over 100 shrines unfortunately you cannot visit this place even if you want to the only people allowed to visit are members of the Imperial Japanese family also people related to priests and priestesses are sometimes allowed to visit number five.

East Rennell Solomon Islands this is one of the places on earth you're not allowed to visit and you probably won't want to Easter Adele Solomon Islands is yet another place with a local tribe who is very protective of their Island they're also said to be headhunters if you tried to visit you might not ever leave the island not alive at least it's very sad that you cannot visit the.

Silent because it is one of the most beautiful places in the world it's also labeled as a UNESCO World Heritage Site yet nobody has informed the locals about that number six Easter Island Qi Lang lop on the we also known as Easter Island is one of the most remote places on the planet it's technically part of Chile located deep in the Pacific Ocean the people who live on this island.

Choose to be isolated from the rest of the world they are so serious about their privacy in fact that anyone who tries to visit can be sure to be attacked and probably killed number seven Johanna quemado grande snake island snake island is located off the coast of south paulo brazil it got its name because of the huge population of snakes there you're not allowed to visit.

This island because it is so dangerous there are literally snakes in so many places that each step you take there is a snake there waiting to bite you there have been just a few scientists on this island who had to get special permission from many different authorities before visiting considering how dangerous this island can be it's really not worth the trouble of trying to get permission to.

Go to the island if you do you could be bitten by a poisonous snake and you might never make it home number 8 prov Elia Italy pro-v Lea is an island located between Lido and Venice in northern Italy the island has been used for centuries to exile and stronghold diseased people for years people with the plague or dumped here and left to die today there are.

Plague pits around the island filled with bodies it's estimated that over 100,000 people died on this island over the centuries today most people are afraid to set foot on the island and fear of getting a disease or the ghosts of the Dead who are said to have been haunting the island for centuries subscribe for more .



Mark East • 4 часа назад
"Facts". Right. You can't even pronounce these places correctly. The "Ice" Grand Shrine? What a joke. 🙄
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James Papadopulus • 12 часов назад
good video. but 2 big msitakes: place 1: Some of the pictures aren't sentinels people. 2 of the pictures are amazonians. Place 6: totally wrong. Eastern island is a popular touristic place plenty of hotels and an airport.
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Marsha Straw • 22 часа назад
Alone in my room everyone sleeping
YouTube: FACTS VERSE !!!
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marshtiao • 23 часа назад
wrong images used to represent this story...
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A really cold Raccoon • 1 день назад
The only place that can beat all of these spots is my room
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Nice clickbait thumb,
More please..........
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*You forgot my ROOM*
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Nice music it made it scary
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YoreBettor • 1 день назад
Most these places will be under water within 40 years.
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StardoesTV • 2 дня назад
Venomous not Poisonous
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Pennipa Khaangku • 2 дня назад
Why is there happy music
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Daniel Muller • 2 дня назад
I studied abroad on Easter island for 3 weeks, this video is full of lies. Also the cave in France was not closed for that reason...fact check dude!
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Jack Christian • 2 дня назад
What about Black Mesa?
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Ozella Mykel House • 2 дня назад
I read the book ""Don't go there "look it up y'all Agapé
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M Kay • 2 дня назад
You are wrong about Easter Island It is a tourist destination. And snakes are not poisonous they are venomous. Venom is injected ( by the fangs) and poison is ingested through the mouth/
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Rio Alger • 3 дня назад
The 2nd photo of no. 1 and photo of no. 7 are the same 😒
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George Faltus • 3 дня назад
what a load of bullshit i have been to 6
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Mick • 3 дня назад
Not moscow!
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Erika Dagel • 4 дня назад
Lol are fucking serious about Chile, u are a joke buddy 😂😂😂 its actually a very touristic destination
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