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Welcome back to my channel to do use today we are playing some more stranded deep and in the last episode ladies and gentlemen we worked on the house and look at this guys look at this our house looks fantastic we're only missing a little bit of the roof over here we've got one two three things that we're missing then I just dropped my knife did I just we're done might have go.

Hello I saw it I saw it oh it's here oh there you go right so we got one issue I I need some more wood all right and we do have some palm trees on our island but in the last episode I use my axe too much and it broke and now I don't have the resources to build an axe on this island meaning I'm gonna have to go and explore now previously we've already explored.

That island over there and we've already explored that island over there I'm pretty sure we've got one on that side hello where is it oh there well we got one we got one there we go we got three of them alright so that was we're gonna do in this episode let's hope I don't die maybe we'll find some really really cool stuff i I do wait let's have a look okay to get out of the raft.

I do have Oh probably I should probably bring some water I'm slightly dying slightly dying guys which really really sucks because yeah I'm just gonna have to go to an island where they have palm trees so that I can get those coconuts and to keep myself alive meaning I'm not gonna go to that one I don't see palm trees in there I do see palm trees on there so let's go there first if we see.

A shark I know you guys told me this if we see a shark while we are sailing to an island it means that there is an underground ship close to it now that's amazing but sharks are dangerous and they can kill me I've got no way to defend myself I've only got a tiny little knife actually I'm gonna go there I think where should I go you know I let's go let's go there first.

I think the other Island I think I saw a raft there there must be something there but I do need those coconuts to survive first so we're first gonna get that's that's a shark we just heard a shark okay they're great oh my oh my god you can hear it I don't think he can kill me while I'm on the raft I don't think so if he began then I'm screwed then then.

I'm done but now we know that there must an underwater thing there right some-some sunken ship or something that we can go and explore but like I said I don't have a way to defend myself so we're not gonna do that right now and by the way ladies and gentlemen if you love stranded deep please support the show by Labour and alike on it that would really help me out.

Seriously that really helped me out all right I'm just gonna skip forward and I'll see you at the island all right guys we are almost at the island I don't think the Sark is still following me because I don't hear him anymore which is a good sign that actually means that we've got a sunken ship really really close to our own island because we heard the sound right after we left all right.

Let's uh let's make it come on don't die now jelly I do think I see some tarp there whew not so deep there anymore okay well that's a good sign I don't know why that's a good sign but that's a good sign this is a cool-looking Island I just want to say that alright we're just gonna use our knife we're gonna bring back we got an empty bucket we're gonna bring back some stuff tarp nice.

Empty buckets hello crab maybe I can use you maybe not I can skin you but I really don't know what to do with crabs because I don't know how to cook him yet all right so we got some wood have sticks what did I need again for my four for an axe I need to find a stone tool now I'm pretty sure you can make stone tools by finding rocks and then splitting them into but.

Don't I need an axe to split a rock into pieces like we got a rock over there which is kind of cool she's gonna pick it up hopefully we find something really interesting though young palm tree all right we're just gonna we're just gonna break some stuff because we can turn these things into lashings and lashings are a bit rare and you need them for a lot of stuff like chairs latching this.

Rope right so you need you need rope for a lot of stuff especially if you don't have a way to put things together there you go more lash so more yucca oh I like yuca there we go oh that would explode it gives me a lot of good leaves alright so this is an interesting Island but I don't think there's anything special on here let's uh let's go up some trees for some coconuts because we do need some.

Coconuts alright don't want to die today where are we going I'm not that coconut right I think we can we can climb trees as well but I I don't really like that because it's a bit scary if you fall down you actually lose quite a lot of help whoa if pieces head off pieces I'm gonna take you with me is that Alright just wouldn't stick so I've got plenty of those at home all right let's uh.

Let's let's go up here oh oh look that's my own toilet in the back all right grab these coconuts pull back down cuz I don't want to fall down Debbie Debbie terrible look the shadow looks look like a monkey this is a tall tree Jesus I don't want to claim that come on I grabbed the coconut that's not working all right quickly how am i doing I'm thirsty and hungry she's.

Quickly gonna drop these coconuts down and we're gonna we're gonna make them ready for food grab the refined knife there you go drinkable drinkable drinkable we got to keep ourselves alive guys you got to keep ourselves alive we all know that dying ain't an option that right all right let's eat it all num num ya num num you got one more thing we got oh no that's all all right drop the.

Coconuts down because now we're gonna do some special building we're gonna cut them all bud all right and after this I guess we're gonna have to go to another Island I said I seriously need to find out how I make the rocks split in two like I'm pretty sure I'd you need to hit it oh no actually I think I no way Lily in the crafting menu I think I could split the rock where did I would go.

There you go all right coconut Hoff how am i doing how am i doing let's just look at the watch all right I'm not thirsty anymore I am hungry so I'm just gonna Jesus like I cannot eat when I have a knife all right so I'm just gonna click constantly eat all my coconut hops there you go one more there you go sweet sweet we actually have some some.

Left so when we get when we got hungry or thirsty we'll be good to go all right there you go see me you can just two rocks turns into a stone you could just do it like that now I have a stone tool and and now to make an axe what do I do I need a wooden stick find a two stone tools all right let's grab two more rocks there you go we're gonna make another stone tool there you go and now.

We need a lashing we can actually make lashing because I grabbed some stuff there you go nice mark more lashing all right let's grab these lashings and we're gonna make a crude axe sweet and now I can make it refined axe if I have another stone tool and some leather and I don't know how to make leather considering comes from cows you can't really make it.

I'm gonna have to find myself a cow what if I skin this none of the rumen inventory add this immediately sense bucket of freshwater four servings what okay so what do I do what do we drop we need to drop something I guess we could drop the coconut we could drop the leaves we got plenty of those at home actually and we could drop the rock as well and drop the rock we got an axe now.

We got an axe now so I guess this is pretty pretty much it for this island it was a very interesting one but nothing special just one piece of tarp that's the only kind of rare thing we found the rest it looks like we can scavenge this for some more wood and some coconuts and apart from that it's just a regular Island so our island is there it's all the way in the back what we're gonna do.

Now is we're gonna go over there I think that one's closer actually let's go it just depends which way you're looking at it let's go to that one because we said we would go to that one so we're gonna go there put the raft down come on there you guns are working yes it is all right move it on let's go through the next island and maybe if we listen carefully there could be another shark.

On the way and then we know that something's happening and we know that there's another under sinking ship I just need to scavenge more I just need a lot of health to be able to go down there because currently I'm kind of always dying I don't have a lot of food I don't have anything which sucks I need to bring back some pigs or something I don't even know what I'm gonna do skate.

Is hard man this game is really hard even though I really really love stranded deep shock shock we already shark there even though I really loves trying to deep uh it's it's a very hard and slow game which is a bit of a shame because I don't want to make a hundred episodes on this but uh maybe a couple dozen sounds right alright let's skip forward I do think I see shit.

I see a ship are there gonna be people on the ship it's amazing I think we just found a ship guys Wow I just hope it doesn't get dard before we get there that's gonna suck I'm gonna have to wait twenty minutes because I don't think I can build shelter for myself quickly but technically I should be able to I see a ship and I see a broken ship on the island oh my god this is awesome.

Where should we go go first guys let's go to the ship first we might be able to steal the engine oh my god then we can mount it to a raft that will go super fast hell yeah be if the ship already has an engine can we then use the ship for the rest of eternity until it's out of fuel is there fuel in this game I have no idea it'd be sick if.

We could actually use that that'd be really good and then we can actually use it to put stuff on there because the raft cannot hold anything if I put stuff on the rafts just you're gonna drown oh it looks like it might be broken ship guys no can it fix it probably not okay we have made it to the island and we've made it to the ship this yeah this is definitely broken well.

Which really sucks can I get in there no can I can I get in there oh my god door eat to interact door it's a first door how do we get in here there's so much cool stuff in here I want in here maybe I can climb it yes I mean I mean okay hello a console it's tabs open planks crap wait we're bringing that home can I break the door I don't think I can break the door I would love to.

Take the door home we got some balls over here what do I do with that well is this for this is ship have an engine we can use hello doesn't look like it has an engine does it doesn't even have an engine what's this ship how did you get here sir around the back huh this is Oh oh we actually have a wooden crate okay.

What's in there oh and I judge Oh what 1/4 of a part well we're bringing it with us that's for sure ah but I got way more excited than I should have been Oh Locker fishing spear I got one at home oh we got another Locker over there can we can we open that locker this one large Locker Wow can't beads another refined axe fuel tank all right what was sure what we.

Should do we should definitely drop some stuff hmm can we eat yeah we can eat we can eat some coconut all right so we're full I guess we saved one inventory spot are we thirsty yes but I can't I can't really throw the bucket away I really need my bucket I can't throw the tarp away fuel tanks quite useless but I am bringing an engine in this wooden crate you know what planks crab right Frank's.

House scrap right I don't even need so we're gonna bring back the refined ax and some baked beets okay maybe not we can't bring back the beets we got a crude ax we've got a refined ax okay well I guess if we are hungry if we if we aren't getting hungry on this island I guess we'll just uh yeah I don't know I don't even know I guess we'll get the baked beans right all right let's go to.

The island and see there if there's anything on here I might actually wait make sure this thing doesn't float away let's grab it and put in our land yes I might actually make a quick shelter for myself so I can sleep through the night if I can can i building we're gonna go to crafting I think we I think it's crafting right structures.

Shelter we need three wooden sticks and four palm fronds that should not be too hard let's grab a refined axe quickly walk around our there's some palm tree things I mean let's just just cut one of these down because I hate the nighttime it takes so long and that's why I also skip them because they're super dark Oh we'll just drop the coconut as well all right.

Let's get rid of this paw block turn it into what it sticks and make ourselves a shelter it'll probably already be dark before we have one but whatever there we go oh okay grab the wooden sticks four of them actually I'm gonna have to drop something oh it's turning dark okay let's hit the palm top a couple times there we go a palm front one two three.

Nice and we make ourselves a shelter save all nice and sleep Oh all right guys this Sun is coming up again and it's currently six 19 in the morning am i hungry no am i thirsty oh hell yeah so we're gonna grab a fresh bucket oh that's good stuff oh that's real good sense oh that's that's amazing does that work oh yeah more more oh that.

Was it all right so we hit thirsty anymore we had hungry anymore that works out great all right so we're still in this island that we arrived on the day before I had a great sleep here in my shelter let's just quickly save there we go I got another palm log over here now I've already checked out the ship but I haven't really looked at the island yet so now it's time.

In daylight we're just gonna wait until the Sun goes up a little more cuz I still can't see a lot we're gonna have to check out this island let's hope we find some really rare stuff I wanna I want to find engines and more of those things because well we need stuff all right I mean we can bring some bring home some pigs or something some pigs I know there's pigs in this game so we're.

Gonna have to find one all right hello hello young palm trees wooden sticks what's this tree never seen that before okay it just looks like an ordinary island with nothing really interesting on it what do we have oh yes okay we've got another broken ship oh god guys this is a big one I mean look at this Oh more dark oh hello there chopper I dunno thanks driftwood I don't want that but.

We do have one thing over here I think that's a console can I open you O fuel tank nice oh we got a queen you got a crab Oh get out of here crab and that I wouldn't create with a flare gun could save your life or scare away predators could save my life see this is what I'm talking about before I told you guys I'm not sure if it was this episode of the last one oh.

We find leather nice before I told you guys that there can actually be other planes flying around now if I shoot a flare gun we see another plane does that mean the plane could come in land like on the water you know like one of those water landing planes right doesn't mean he could come in land and save me or send help like is that is that how to get to the end of the game I'm not sure.

But anyways it looks like that's all for this sunken ship but I'm I'm happy with it we found another fuel tank which we could use for eventually an engine I guess right we need weight fuel for an engine who run out a bucket into fresh water oh we could use some fresh water although wait let's let's drop this axe can we can we drink now yeah we need some now let's scrap this one one is.

That is that it yeah all right I guess good we could drop this bucket because we have another one now with fresh water there we go we don't need ten buckets with fresh water in our inventory we don't eat that oh look at all these rocks look at all this a lot of rocks huh I know see you later well hello again more crops more tarp.

Sweet why can't we do what are so much of it water distiller we already have that oh no we got a solar still water let's go to building what can we build with tarp no foundations no floors no wedge floors walls windows tarp wall we need at our panel for that how do you make at our panel you have to find at our panel so you like it's cooling oil finding tarp but like how do I do with.

That you guys should let me know in a comment section what I could do with it okay let's look around a little bit more is there anything we could use I think it's so awesome that we found a ship I just think I ain't played look look on the left of my screen guys is that another ship we got over there well I guess we'll find out soon we're gonna have to.

Get on top of that rock because I feel like the could shit stupid snake yeah oh fuck did I lose a lot of Health there luckily not a lot of health not a lot of health but where is that snake I'm gonna cut it into pieces I need you man maybe we could make leather from a snake possible alright where are you at let's see it you see it I don't see no snake.

Hello where's the snake okay I'm too scared I'm too scared I'm literally shitting myself already alright let's look around the aisle a little more yeah that's pretty much it for this island guys not a lot of things definitely not a lot and is there anything on top of there cuz there anything be on top of there I mean I climbed one raw on one rock before and nothing was there so I.

Don't have high hopes for it but we could give it a try let's give it a try this looks like an easy one anyway there we go one more oh and at the top there's nothing here just like I thought I would see I mean what doesn't make sense okay guys well that's pretty much it for this island we have another one over there yeah we got another Island over there.

Where's our island I'm kind of lost pretty sure it's over there no I think that's the island we explored before so that means our island with our house is somewhere over there we do need to go back there before we end the episode because ladies and gentlemen I don't want to get lost all right let's uh let's head back oh shit.

I just lost more health we're bringing back this this tarp some wooden crates a fuel tank which we actually got two of because one one winner and crate is full with another another thing we can also take those baked beans with us because we do have some inventory space now they're actually quite happy we managed to build a little shelter on this island considering you know if we ever want to.

Go sailin we could actually have a little safe because I don't want to die all the time alright let's get our baked potatoes or baked beans and go back to the island and use the stuff that we found make these what I swear to God a Pam pump don't want this alright there we go now we can bring you home there we go alright let me know guys see if there's a way for me to fix that shit.

Because I would love to have that ship seriously that'll be great alright I'm gonna cross over the water it's gonna be a long long sail let's hope I don't die because I I don't want to I don't want to die first we're heading back to the island where we came from and then we're heading back no actually not thought through that I see my own lineman over there nice it's taking so long.

2000 years later all right guys we have finally made it back to our old line and it only took us like ten years I've grown a big beard now can you see alright grab our raft we're gonna put it on the island so it doesn't go away that was a really really cool adventure but I'm happy to be back in my own on my own home we're gonna drop off or crates and all our good stuff there we go we're.

Actually number one and that's number two all right what do we got in here an engine a refined axe that was really useful actually some baked beans you've got some vitamins we have got some leather fool airgun Wow I wonder how many times we could shoot with that and then in our inventory we actually have another fuel tank holy dopes oh we got we got two fuel tanks.

And then we have some talk some more Tapia's actually got one two three four five six pieces of tarp now we got a bucket of fresh where I got some big beans let's drop that one as well because this is like our storage area like like I said guys you can't build chests I'm stupid or you can't build crates I wish we could build crates but yeah that's.

Pretty much it for now can we use any of these things what do I need to build let's see it's build on not a wooden chair a bed like I would love to build a bed but I think a shelter does the same thing right shelter does the same thing structures tools nope no tools can we do anything with that flare gun we found I don't think so but whatever all right you.

Gonna go to rafts oh boy ball raft bass-o-matic brah I should have brought that I could have I could have built something with it but apparently I can build a raft base with that okay so this is a raft base and then we need a raft floor to make it bigger I guess which we could also do with planks and then we have propulsion we can make a sail with what is this.

Piece of cloth which I haven't found before and then a boat motor we need one stick one lashing one duct tape which I think we also have somewhere one engine which we also have a cube aret or a propeller I don't know what that is and a fuel tank so we do have an engine we only need two more parts to be able to build a boat motor so I guess in the next episode guys we're gonna find those.

Two parts and then we're gonna build our own raft so we can actually explore easier and faster and hopefully we can actually put a bed on a raft so that we can save and so that we can sleep right that makes so much more sense what else do you do in a bit right what are you doing a bed yeah exactly alright guys something else I'm gonna leave it here for this episode it was a.

Real good one it was it was one of the best ones so far I think considering what we found is very very useful thank you so much for watching this episode if you enjoy strategy leave a like on it and I will catch you in the next one you .


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