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10 ошибок владельцев старых ПК

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Опубликовано: 2017-07-04T15:19:46.000Z

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Как сказал один из героев вестерна «Хороший, плохой, злой», люди делятся на два сорта: те, у кого есть револьвер, и те, кто копают. ПК-геймеры тоже делятся на два сорта: те, у кого компьютер тянет всю современщину, и те, которые мечтают о таком. Еще видео -
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As one of the heroes western "The Good, the Bad, evil ", people are divided into two varieties: those who have a gun, and those who dig. PC gamers It is also divided into two kinds: those who have a computer pulls All sovremenschinu and those who dream of this. Dream, and sometimes act or think correctly, avoiding the typical mistakes, peculiar to many owners older PCs. That's about them, to be exact their mistakes now and will be discussed. Error №1. Old games - the sludge, I want new! holders of prehistoric PCs that have played enough.

Already in Pinball, Minesweeper and blockbuster shooter of 2008 year, watching trailers modern video games, and dropping on the floor drooling lust trying to imagine how cool it would be to join to this or that game. It seemed would argue with the fact that the new the game better than the old, and the old - worse than the new - is meaningless. However, such people can advise to go out with a good torch, and try afternoon with fire to find a gamer, which would have remained happy modern igroproma. If you do not know, I inform: 90% of today's video games nothing but disappointment,.

Their customers do not bring. At the same time, on the other hand owners sit today PC and remember old games, lamenting the fact that the majority of their machines of them did not go. So that the desire to join to modern Igroprom, it is the desire to change old, grown old wife a new - young. For some time will be more fun, but strategically nothing will change, because games, as well as happiness in family life - no! Error №2. I have something replaced, and my computer is transformed..

Holders of old personal computers, down on the floor, taking up the screwdriver, unscrewed sidebar and concentrated look the dusty filling system unit, trying to identify the item be replaced, after change which Zaporozhets It turns into a Mercedes, pumpkin into a carriage, and your old pelvis in a new supercomputer. Most often the choice falls to something cheaper, like random access memory. But - alas - Increase RAM even twice, it does not help. If the game did not go, it and will not do. Even if you decide spend money well, and some.

Find suitable miracle motherboard for your video card, which was considered at the time extremely powerful, and here You will have to wait for a disappointment. Deprived of the support card not nearly be able to pull the modern AAA action, and all costs They are incurred in vain. Error №3. I will gradually improve your PC. Once I was committed Error №2, many settled an error №3, namely improving your computer gradually. some irresponsible citizens think so: first, I'll buy a new motherboard card, then it come up.

RAM, CPU, video card, and only then it will be possible, and the hard disk change. About such "trifles" as the new power supply I think not far all. But even if they are thinking, in fact it turns out that on your old PC has nothing do not let the new iron has a very different connectors, and that even collecting gradually new giblets for your future supercomputer great chance to buy something inconsistent, conflicting with each other, or e.g. does not fit in the old building. As a result, neither the gradual improving the old computer.

The old iron, any gradual buying new hardware is not will give the result that can be achieved if the save, and buy all at once. Error №4. I'll spare, and buy a used / have a computer. Those who expect to save money, bought with it on an ad almost new, but slightly second-hand computer, search the Internet such thing as' Rebollo GPU " or, for example, "baking video. " In short, the chance to buy a computer Baked with graphics - large, then how to distinguish baked by "raw" and sometimes,.

Difficult even for an expert. And how many will work is miracle day or ten years - is unknown to anyone. Well, and if we add here are thing as ready-to-shattering hard drive, different timings on rails operative memory, buggy, overheated processor, sparking chokes PSU or microcrack in the mother's tracks board, all the arguments of the benefits of buying b / a Computer - no more than a drunken delirium Dzhigurda on a moonless night. Error №5. New computer It will run quieter. One of the major hassles that gives you.

Your old PC is its increased noise. Fans howl, and nothing you can not help it. You have heard, as the new computer work, and you feel that the noise from them is much smaller. but is to buy a new PC, because, that old noisy, it's like buy a new car because, that old ashtray filled. Replace the fans - and only some cases. As a last resort case on raskosheltes good tower cooler to the processor, and you will happiness. The fact is that Modern PCs have a little Do not twice.

Fans, than the old. We think for yourself: One - on input, two - the output, inside power supply - three on processor - four on video card - five or six + Still some guys put additional cooling on the hard disk and the individual fans in the south and Northbridge. All this family Carlson will make a noise much steeper than unreported to mind, encased in thick iron, old buildings, computer last generation, which, in principle, at least demanding cooling. Error №6. I spoil his old PCs, and my parents.

Buy a new one. There is a separate category, desperate scam earn that They throw themselves under the wheels and on the hoods of passing cars, in the hope of then "dissolve" money car owners frightened. I thought that they could be crushed to death or, maiming, leave sunbathing on the sidelines of these citizens, apparently, is not tolerated. So Now, guys planning spoil your old PC, to beg parents new, remind me exactly such scams. They are, of course, I can understand the arguments type - buy me a computer,.

They correspond to the spirit, that, say, the old has not endured. And so, when there is an old, there will be no argument. But with all that is great the chance to stay in the cold, and live the rest of his childhood all without a PC. For example, smart dad who understands an expert in electronics, convict their child to deliberate equipment damage, and instead money on a new computer, will give cuffs, and her mother, in turn, with relief sigh, hoping that now their son would be better to learn from, and there will be days on end sit for 'these debility games. ".

Error №7. I can play old games on new PCs. Many owners of old computers, consider that On new machines, they be able to fully play not only in the modern igroproma crafts, but also doprohodit old favorite games without, any problems. There is a bug that allow irresponsible motorists, pour in their old Muscovites 98-octane gasoline, they say, will only better and "Castle" Masha did not spoil. But these citizens wrong, and it will confirm those already fussed with emulators,.

Finding suitable mods and other software, able to cheat the game, and to prove to her that this is not Windows 10, and not even Windows 98. Error №8. I'll buy a new PC but I leave the old monitor. A few years ago, when widescreen monitors More just coming into use, many were piously assured that is uncomfortable, empty fashion trend type curved screens, and that there is nothing better than square display does not happen. But, Years passed, and many stayed true this stereotype Therefore, a separate category.

Citizens who want to save, and when buying a new computer, He decides to leave the old monitor, because: A) Cathode-ray tube provide better color reproduction. B) With such monitor winter warmer. B) Santas playing on square monitors, and we will. AT Overall, I do not even I will walk about the fallibility such judgment due banal desire to save, because here and so all clear: the future - for a wide format, and, more widely, the "Futurity". Error №9. PC - sucks. I buy myself a laptop..

Watching movies and advertising on how beautiful life of the laptop holder, many decide that rather suffer - it's time to act! And indeed, the laptop, from whatever side you look, a great thing. compact, comfortable, stylish, having a number of advantages. But as the main gaming platforms laptops can only buy the best wealthy guys. AND, if other than in World of Tanks people play no plans, then buy a laptop can. Well, if he wants to experience some modern shuterok, then.

May have serious problems, so I old gaming computer a new gaming laptop - employment questionable, from what point of view or Look. Error №10. I will not throw away old PC - more useful. Well, all right, all problems overcome, and the owner old won the PC new. However, he managed to make it so that he was able to keep the old. And it turns out, this, battered computer is so expensive gaming heart that will power.

It decided not to throw, and save for a rainy day - as well as the need to! But, it is not necessary to amuse itself such hopes not It needs. The only thing what he'll do - to become new home, what else insects, or be presented with to some unsecured relative. Therefore, if you have on the mezzanine, somewhere lies the old computer, use rule five years: if in the past five years, any particular You do not need a thing, you can easily sell it, throw out or give away in the museum, for the chance that.

It will need in the future - Hardly ever. They were 10 errors permitted owners of old PCs. You know more some? offer in comments. Well, on the that's it! play only in a good game, and let no one will go and loses possession.

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